Bright Light Bright Light: Waiting for the Feeling

Men love to play with their balls. The balls in question, however, are not porn-worthy, but rather the ones used in sports (sigh). It’s on display in the sexy new video, Waiting for the Feeling, a video that is neck-high in playful symbolism, saturated colors and is undeniably the most up front, out loud and proud video we have seen from him. Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) is a folk singer reinvented as pop star in-waiting who left us speechless in 2010 with his debut release, Love, Part II. It quickly became our favorite track of the year and still gets frequent airplay. Then last year, he returned with Disco Moment, a clever Will Young with a dance beat track that grew on us. With his third single, the self-described “male Robyn“, has established himself as an accomplished songwriter with an undeniable knack for turning out intelligent dance pop. Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, is out in June.

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