Marina and the Diamonds – Homewrecker

Homewrecker is the latest track from Marina and the Diamonds and is a happy-go-lucky electropop number that on the surface could be from the musical catalog of Katy Perry, but lyrically is far more sinister and undeniably Marina. It will appear on her new album, Electra Heart, but is not touted to be released as a single. On Homewrecker, Marina is all tease, an “image of deception.” Whether this flirtation with the mainstream that began with Radioactive earlier this year will pay off big or just alienate her current fans remains to be seen. If you like it, be sure to visit her website, where you can download this track for free. Our favorite parts are the filtered spoken bits that remind us of Miss Kitten & the Hacker and the line, “I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but I’m still looking pretty in this dress.” Amen sister.


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