Queen of Hearts – A Moment In Love

Queen of Hearts has a special Valentine’s Day treat for all of you. No, it is not a speed date (we couldn’t possibly win her affections if we had to compete against all her fabulous outfits), but rather a new track, A Moment In Love, which, like it’s namesake, she is making available as a guilt-free download for merely a moment (actually 48 hours worth of moments). Simple math tells us that since today is Tuesday, you will need to grab it by Thursday, otherwise pay the consequences. A Moment In Love is a track Kylie wishes she could have and is pure pop bliss with just a sprinkling of drama – just the type of thing we are looking for in a valentine. When we downloaded the track we noticed a number 4 preceding the track name, which causes us to speculate that perhaps a new album is under way. If so, a major, “Hurray!”

A Moment In Love

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