Ladyhawke – Black, White and Blue (Video)

When we heard that Ladyhawke was going to make her video for Black White and Blue be inspired by the obscure camptastic horror film, Eyes of Laura Mars (starring the one and only, Faye Dunaway), it easily became one of the most eagerly anticipated videos of the year (at least to us). Well the video has finally arrived and we are happy to report that the aesthetic, if not necessarily the plot, is a fairly accurate re-representation. Although we understand director Tabitha Denholm‘s intent to strip out the more violent elements of the original, without the gore to setup the plot, it almost looks as if Ladyhawke is experiencing hallucinogenic side effects instead of seeing through the eyes of an actual serial killer out to kill her friends and colleagues in similar fashion to her violence-as-art themed fashion shoots. Technicalities aside, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video, gladly welcome the return of Ladyhawke and have included the original movie scene for comparison (for you purists out there). Extra bonus points for prominently featuring the “eyes” of the original theatrical poster in the video. We are also including the Punks Jump Up Remix that has just surfaced.

And here is the clip it is based on…

Black White & Blue – Punks Jump Up Remix

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