The Sound of Arrows – Wonders (VISITOR Remix)

British synthpop outfit VISITOR have proven themselves kindred spirits to The Sound of Arrows since they have created this stunning downtempo remix for Wonders. We love how this haunting remix feels like it came out of an 80s soundtrack. Of course we had to scour the interwebs to find anything VISITOR and we came up with a great track, Los Feeling. Check out both below. Visitor are making their mix of Wonders as a guilt-free download and are working on their debut album.

Wonders (VISITOR Remix)

VISITOR – Los Feeling

One Response to The Sound of Arrows – Wonders (VISITOR Remix)

  1. […] featured Visitor earlier this year with their excellent remix of The Sound of Arrows track, Wonders, awhile ago, and now they are gearing up with their own release, Coming Home. If you are a fan of […]

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