the dualies – PUNK ROXXX and Blip Song

If you love all things Atari or Casio sounding, we think you are going love this bitwave synthpop outfit. the dualies are a trio from San Francisco comprised of vivian on synths, chino on drums and ira on bass. They have just released a video for their great new instrumental track, PUNK R0XXX, but it is earlier single, Blip Song, that really caught our ear and reminds us ever so slightly of another one of our 8bit idols, Katsen. There is so much to love by these guys so be sure to check out their Soundcloud Page, Band Website or Facebook Page! Blip Song is available as a guilt-free download so enjoy-a-rama!

the dualies // PUNK R0XXX from the dualies on Vimeo.

Blip Song

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