Paper Crows – Cloudbusting

Set against a backdrop that samples Bjork‘s Human Behavior, London based, Paper Crows, comprised of 18 year-old Emma Panas and 24 year-old Duncan McDougall, have done the seemingly impossible task of remaking the classic Kate Bush track, Cloudbusting, and not having it totally suck (it’s actually pretty awesome). We love this mashup and it goes without saying it is far superior to any of the mashups we have seen on Glee. Best of all, this track and it’s remixes are available as guilt-free downloads.

Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.


Cloudbusting (Over the Edge Remix)

Cloudbusting (Christophe & Lucas Remix)

One Response to Paper Crows – Cloudbusting

  1. […] was only a couple of weeks ago when we posted the excellent remake of Cloudbusting by Paper Crows, and now comes the almighty Mighty Mouse, who has worked his magic hands on the original, and as […]

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