2011- Reader’s Choices (The Year in Stats)

We love the feedback we have gotten from you. This post summarizes the things you were most interested in during our first year. We saw our numbers grow consistently, and we are very proud that you find interest in the things we write and we promise to continue to scour the internet to bring to you new music to fall in love with.

Most Viewed Posts
Ironically, it was a throw-away post that was viewed more than any other post this year. We reposted a “missing” poster that had been showing up around NYC of Lionel Richie that contained the lyrics to Hello. We thought it was hysterical, and apparently a lot of people did too since it was viewed far more than any other post, showed up on the most searches and the picture downloaded more than any other. Coming in second was our review of The Human League concert in NYC, a highlight of the year for us. We were very proud when the band’s management used our review to help promote the show on Facebook. Our year end singles and album pics came next, no doubt thanks to the bands and other blogs (we love you Electricity Club) that posted, tweeted and wrote about their placement on our lists. Other hightlights included the collaboration with Motor and Martin Gore on a track that sounded like Marilyn Manson singling Bela Lugosi’s Dead, the (sorta) return of Grace Jones and the only single by Marsheaux to be released this year and its remixes.

1. Hello? Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?
2. Concert Review: Together In Electric Dreams – The Human League Play NYC
3. Our Picks for Top Singles of the Year 2011
4. Our Picks for Top Albums of the Year 2011
5. MOTOR ft. Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) – Man Made Machine
6. Brigitte Fontaine feat. Grace Jones – Dancefloor
7. Marsheaux – Can You Stop Me
8. Mirrors – Shooting Stars and Dust
9. Marsheaux – Can You Stop Me (Cicada Mix)
10. Where Are They Now – Kim Wilde

Where Are They Now
Many acts we fell in love with in the 80s and 90s released new material this year much to our delight and we caught up with 15 of them. We covered new material by Duran Duran, OMD, Billie Ray Martin, Orbital and Propaganda, but you seemed most excited about catching up with Kim Wilde and The Human League.

1. Kim Wilde
2. Human League
3. Alphaville
4. Kate Bush
5. BLancmange

We were able to go to a few concerts this year and you agreed with us that the hightlight of the year was the return of The Human League to the United States. We were also very excited when our review of the OMD concert was picked up by NewNowNext, the offical blog of Logo TV. We promise to go to more concerts this year, since the response has been very good and because we simply love going to them.

1. The Human League
2. Erasure
3. Monarchy

Top Shares
Again most people shared our Lionel Richie poster, however, many of you were interested in our coverage of The Human League concert and videos by Simulover and Lola Dutronic. Just missing our top list was our first interview with Simulover.

1. Hello? Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?
2. Concert Review: Together In Electric Dreams – The Human League Play NYC
3. Simulover – Tourniquet
4. Our Picks for Top Singles of the Year 2011
5. Lola Dutronic – Kids Just Wanna Dance

Thank you so much for letting us come in on your computers, iPads and smart phones. We love to hear from you. feel free to email us or follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Here’s looking forward to another great year!

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