2011 – The Year in Remixers

Apologies for a lack of posts recently. After catching a nasty cold, traveling and visiting family for the holidays and the unfortunate accident that left burnt pixels on my laptop, which made it nearly impossible to read or write anything on it, there have been delays in getting our top remix list out. 2011 was a particularly amazing year for remixes. The quality was so top notch that many times we actually preferred the remix to the orignal. Taking a different approach than the usual numbered list of favorite remixes, we feel there have been a handful of remixers who time after time have delivered exceptional remixes that deserve your attention. While reading these lists you will notice a lot of overlapping, which proves (to us anyway) the amazing talent on these lists. We would like to honor them here and encourage you to seek out the amazing work they do.

Remixers of the Year…

Sanfernando Sound
What is absoutuely brilliant about Sanfernando Sound is not only his ability to choose good songs (often by unsigned bands), but his ability to take them and just blow us away with his production skills. We love that Sanfernando Sound does not seek to radically change the vocals and melodies with gimmicks, but instead enhances the source material. The results are these epic and massive remixes and we are left speechless by their greatness.

STARLINGS – Dark Arts – The Sanfernando Sound REMIX

Kites – The Disappearance of Becky Sharp (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)

Marsheaux is our favorite band and we have featured them many times, but what you may not know is that in addition to being brilliant musicians, they are master remixers with impeccible and nearly identical tastes to us, so it is always a treat when we find that they have put their signature Marsheaux sound on a track we love.

Sally Shapiro – Jackie Jackie (Marsheaux Remix)

Mirrors – Into The Heart (Marsheaux’s Greek Girls Are Not Easy’ Radio Mix)

Fear of Tigers
Fear of Tigers (Benjamin Berry) may be the most familar remixer on our list and he deserves a lifetime achievement award for creating some of our all-time greatest remixes by the likes of The Sound of Arrows, Queen of Hearts, Bright Light Bright Light and Rosanna. This year he created some massive remixes that have been on high rotation including his remix of Where Are They Now by Queen of Hearts, that made our top 20 single list for 2011.

Vanbot – Lost Without You (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Ronika – Only Only (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Remixed Artist of the Year

Queen of Hearts
No artist has embraced the remix as much as The Queen of Hearts, who we now have officially rechristened, “The Remix Queen.” The Queen of Hearts has mastered social technologies like Facebook and Twitter and has the fundamental understanding that in order for an artist to thrive in this age of short-attention spans, one must always engage your audience. She accomplishes this by releasing a new remix seemingly every other week. This is why we have not stop talking about her since the beginning of the year. Bravo!

Runner Up: Lana Del Ray

Where Are You Now? (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Black Star (Lois Plugged & Fruckie Remix)

Remix Album of the Year

Mark Reeder – Five Point One
Mark Reeder is a god to us, having remixed pretty much everyone we ever cared about, and most of them appear on his new remix album, Five Point One, which we feel is essential owning. What we love about this album is that he mixes remixes from established bands (Depeche Mode, Bad Lieutenant) with bands we love, but may not be familar with audiences (Marsheaux, Parralox), thus giving them exposure to a wider audience.

marsheaux – so far (mark reeder’s so close remix)

john foxx – underpass (mark reeder’s sinister subway remix edit

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