Patrick Wolf – Together

Together is finally getting a single release and to promote it, a stunningly beautiful video has been released (stunning except for the dead animals as clothing accessories bit which in all actuality just grosses us out). Together will be Patrick Wolf‘s fourth single taken from his Lupercalia album. We had recently featured an excellent remix by the always amazing Garcon Garcon, and have decided to include it here too. There’s a lushness to Together and its video, with its vivid saturated pallet, kaleidiscope effects and message of hope, which remind us of James Bidgood by way of Sound of Arrows. Of course we are left simply mesmerized by it.

Together (Garcon Garcon Remix)

One Response to Patrick Wolf – Together

  1. AKG says:

    I was into the dead animals lol… and his hair… Grrrr… Song is ok too lol

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