Wolfette – Trophy Girl

Mixing Dragonette hooks with a rocker chic attitude from the likes of Garbage and Kelly Clarkson, Wolfette begs to be reckon with. Trophy Girl, the new single has a killer hands-in-the-air hook with a “I”m fed up with “insert man” message”, that is tailored made to become an anthem. Not sure if it is just me, but does she seem to be referencing the song, Pacman Fever in the bridge before the chorus?

3 Responses to Wolfette – Trophy Girl

  1. Frank says:

    I believe the lyric is ‘Cabin Fever’ in the bridge which is referring to a trophy wife being kept indoors for too long! 😉

  2. […] ago (November to be exact) when Wolfette first hit our auditory radars with the stomping anthem Trophy Girl. Well she is back, synths and all, for new single, Risk For You. Gone now are the splashy visuals […]

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