Electric Youth – Fade Away

Electric Youth love the 80s. Their Facebook Page is filled with 80s imagery and their likes are of artists inspired by said decade. Although their name seems to be taken from a Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson song, we feel their music sounds more like a leg-warming wearing, rollerskating Kylie Minogue grooving to the beats at an italo-disco roller rink. The result is sublime pop perfection which is precisely the brand of pop we get all worked up and tingly about. Electric Youth are made up of Bronwyn (vocals) and Austin (everything else), childhood sweethearts out of Canada, who now make music together. Fade Away is taken from their debut digital ep, Right Back To You and we actually prefer this track over the single. We have included both for your listening pleasure.

Electric Youth – Fade Away

Electric Youth – Right Back To You

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