All Hail, The Remix Queen (of Hearts)!

All hail to The Queen of Hearts, who we now have officially rechristened, “The Remix Queen.” In this viral age, getting your music out there has never been easier thanks to the advancement of laptops and software applications and sites like YouTube and Facebook. Sustaining interest in an artist, however, has become the challenge faced by musicians. It wasn’t too long ago an artist was considered only as good as his/her/their last album, but now it seems to have been cut to merely their last single. Without physical records/cds, the experience of owning music is lost and music becomes disposable; songs we download one day, become lost and forgotton in a junk pile of mp3’s the next. So why is it, that we have written about Queen of Hearts more than any other artist this year? Part of the reason is we simply adore her and have championed her since day one. But what has sustained our interest is her ability to engage and tease us with a constant rouster of new and re-imagined material and collaborations with some of the best emerging artists out there today. The Queen of Hearts has mastered social technologies like Facebook and Twitter and has the fundamental understanding that in order for an artist to thrive in this age of short-attention spans, one must always connect with your audiance. One way she does this is by constantly releasing, for free, reinterpretations of her songs through remixes. This makes her the ultimate party host  because she understands the need to entice your guests with suprises from time-to-time to keep the momentum. It’s a lesson others should heed.

Here are some of our favorite remixes…

Freestyle (Diamond Cut Single Edit)

Where Are You Now? (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Shoot The Bullet (Le Prix Remix)

Black Star (Lois Plugged & Fruckie Remix)

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