Bop2pop: Halloween Edition with Miss FD, Glass Candy and Emmon

Woooo….. It’s Halloween and to get you into the proper spirit, we thought we would profile a couple of “scary” videos that have come our way in the past few months. We dare you to watch without being frightened… to death! Be afraid folks. Be very afraid!

Miss FD – Love Magick
This cheesetastic video finds our witchy vixen casting dance spells onto an onslot of hipster zombies. Can she keep her zombies at bay, or will the eat her…alive!

Emmon – Distance
It seems like every video taken from Emmon’s excellent Nomme album has a spooky-themed video. Perhaps it because horror-themed videos are a good fit for her dark music themes, pale skin and jet black hair. Here she is leading a seance to a group of couples, whose lives look innocent enough, but the future tells a different, more sinister story. Watch out for animated human/butterflies hybrids and wailing arms.

Glass Candy – Halloween
Just as we post our holiday edition, we find this video, an homage to the John Carpenter classic film of the same name. Glass Candy hail for Portland, which seems to be the latest American city of electronic artists (we have featured other Portland artists Soft Metals, Logan Lynn and Finesse).

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