Bop 2 Pop: Snapshots (Mirrors, The Scientists of Modern Music, Fiorious, Schonwalk)

We have been hit with a bunch of emails lately of some new artists and artists we have covered recently, that are releasing some new stuff so we thought we would profile them all in one post. Check them out.

Mirrors – Shooting Stars
No sooner had we written about founding member Ally Young’s departure from Mirrors and the new material they had just completed (check out both songs here), had Mirrors contacted us directly and provided links to the news songs. We are going to repost Shooting Stars, which we love, which sees them more subdued and self-reflective, with it’s pout pop lyrics we always have a soft spot for.
Shooting Stars

Schonwald – Mercurial
Schonwalk are Italian synth-rock duo Alessandra and Luca. They create noisy atmospheres and hypnotic moods, similar in style as The Jesus and Mary Chain. Check out their new single, Mercurial.

The Scientists Of Modern Music – Girl On Top
We featured The Scientists of Modern Music awhile ago and their most excellent single, Because If I Die. They are back with a new single, Girls On Top. The single is a change in tone for them; gone is the drama and urgency, now replaced with optimism and hope. There is also a cool Vanguard Remix worth checking out.
Girl On Top

Fiorious – So Pretty (Scuola Furano Remix)
We featured Fiorious awhile back with his fabulous remake of I’m In Love With A German Star. He’s now back with 2 new upcoming singles, So Pretty and 7 Steps. We like both, but are especially taken by the Scuola Furano Remix that he is offering as a Free download in anticipation of it’s release. You can check it out here. Fiorious mixes electropop with funk with a voice that melts the heart.

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