Garcon Garcon – Stay In Touch (video)

We raved about about Garcon Garcon‘s single, Stay In Touch and some of its mixes here, and now we are happy to share a video that has been made of the song. We love the playful video with all it’s deep blue and red hues that looks like something director Derek Jarman would create if he wanted to create an early Erasure video. Garcon Garcon are Nathan and Nick, who hail from Australlia, and combine catchy synth melodies with an 80s sensiblity. Someone needs to sign these guys pronto!

Stay In Touch – Garçon Garçon from Garçon Garçon on Vimeo.

One Response to Garcon Garcon – Stay In Touch (video)

  1. AKG says:

    I liked this. I didn’t think I would. It looked kinda tacky but the song is good. Another sweet one.

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