Buzz Worthy Roundup: Justice, Lana Del Rey, Holy Ghost, Neon Indian

From time to time, we like to feature songs that are getting a lot of internet buzz, yet we haven’t got around to covering properly. Some we may like more than others, but all are of quality and we think that there may be something here that speaks to you (if not us). So without further adeiu…

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco
Justice‘s latest release is all bridge with no discernable chorus or verse which keeps the energy level high, but to us, just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Think of it as the cooler electronic cousin of Eric Prydz‘s Call on Me.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games
There has been a bit of a backlash against Lana Del Rey with certain bloggers questioning the legitimacy of her indie cred because she had recorded straight-up pop and had bad hair. We don’t see what the fuss is about since pop beginnings don’t seem to have hurt other artists (Alanis Morrisette immediately comes to mind). Video Games is riding the 60’s revival train and reminds us of a more solemn Nancy Sinatra.

Holy Ghost – Hold My Breath
We are going to love any band that does a shot-per-shot remake of an obscure New Order track which we highlighted here. Hold My Breath is the new single and video by the electronic Brooklyn duo. The accompanying video creates a montage of concert footage spliced with photos of the band and friends.

Neon Indian – Polish Girl
Neon Indian are out of Texas and have a growing following (Their new album just cracked the Billboard top 100). If you like bands like Empire of the Sun or Miami Horror, we think you are going to dig them. Polish Girl has been a definite grower with us and we are now officially hooked and is our choice as personal favorite on this list.

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