Nightlife – On the Run

We love the icy dreamlike synthpop sound, made popular(ish) by bands like Saint Etienne, Sally Shapiro, Annie and Peach Union, so imagine our suprise and excitement when we came across Nightlife, a fellow American band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan?! Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick met in 2010 and discovered they shared a mutual interest in this brand of pop. They have already released an ep, Nightlife. Their new single, On The Run, sadly, does not appear on Nightlife, so we must be content with the video until its official release. For a band that embraces “the nightlife” couipled with a song title that suggests rapid movement, the accompaning video is it’s polor opposite. The video, often slowed down, follows Caroline as she frollicks at the beach, bike rides, boats, enjoys swimming at the pool and dances on a bed. We love it since it is just the type of stuff we live for on our summer vacations (although we definitely DO NOT condone discarding any used items, including bicycles at any other location than trash receptors, garage sales or recycling centers)!

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