Simulover – Tourniquet

Simulover is the brainchild of DJ Alex Lauterstein and SIRPAUL. Together, they create the perfect pop mix of clubby dance beats and sleaze with debut single/video, Tourniquet, a tour de force of sexual desire and tease. It’s a style that immediately conjures up comparisons to Dangerous Muse and Soft Cell, but these guys bring a fresh, clubbier take on it. The fetish themed video has a Bruce La Bruce feel to it, with our boys recreating fantasies of domination and submission, but mostly submission (it is NYC after all). we were hoping that they would strip down and go at it in the video, but this was not meant to be, and something tells us it’s because they enjoy being all tease.


One Response to Simulover – Tourniquet

  1. FANTASTIC REVIEW!~ Congrats!

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