Where Are They Now – Cause & Effect

Then: Cause & Effect are an American Synthpop band that were most popular during the early 1990’s and were one of the last synthpop bands to reach moderate success in the US charts. Their debut album, Another Minute, contained two top 10 dance hits and two US charted singles. The most successful of these singles, You Think You Know Her, peaked within the top 40. Things were looking very promising for the band, but tragedy struck the following year, when co-founding member and keyboardist Sean Rowley suddenly died when on tour with Information Society. Vocalist/guitarist Rob Rowe took some time off and recruited Keith Milo to create a reformed band. In 1994, they released their second and final major studio album, Trip, that included It’s Over Now which was to be their last song to make the US singles chart. It was also a change in sound that featured guitars more prominently against a clubby backdrop.

Now: Cause & Effect never broke up and have released albums independently every few years or so and have experimented with different sounds. The band is releasing their fifth studio album, Artificial Construct as a three-part series (how very
) to be released over the course of the year. They have just released a single and video for the “part 2” of the series called Happiness Is Alien.

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