Sisely Treasure – That You Like

Shame on us for being initially aprehensive about this new awesome single by Sisely Treasure, a former The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll contestent who went on to replace Carah Faye Charnow of Shiny Toy Guns , who although not responsible for, still sung on that dreadful Major Tom remake. Well Sisely is no longer with Shiny Toy Guns and has branched out, releasing That You Like, a sweet, summer, synth heavy pop track, produced by THE remixer-of-the-moment, Dave Aude. The video finds her frolicking on the beach which painfully reminds us of the vacation we wish we could be having. Fans of Shiny Toy Guns will probably hate this, but since we were never fans of them (gasp) to begin with, we can embrace the sugary pop obvio-currents and love she is expressing herself more truthfully, even if it means she probably won’t make any money.

We are even more shocked and wowed she has included a mix by no other than Information Society! This is simply too good to be true, but management confirms. Single out at the end of the month.


Information Society! Mix

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