Connect with Bop2Pop on Social Media!

Bop2pop is now on Twitter! Our apologies for not jumping on the Twitter bandwagon until now! We have been noticing more and more artists and people tweeting about us, and yet there wasn’t a way for us to connect to each other. We are excited about being newbies to the Twitter community and would love for you to follow us. Feel free to show us the ropes and help us improve the way we can reach out to others who share a mutual love of electronic and synthpop music.

Bop2pop is on Spotify! Although Spotify has been THE site/application for discovering and sharing new music in Europe, it has just made its way to America and we had to try it – and love it we did. We have created our very first playlist that have highlighted the songs we have reviewed on this site. If you have Spotify, download our Playlist! If you don’t, contact us and we can help you get an invite!

Bop2pop is on Facebook! We have had a fan page for a few months now and are excited that it has started to be recognized by the bands we write about. It is also a chance to get to know about the people who share our love of music. It is a great way to become active instead of passive and communicate with us and recommend bands and songs we should know about. Become a fan.

One Response to Connect with Bop2Pop on Social Media!

  1. Jer White says:

    Good to see you branching out! Here’s a Spotify playlist backatcha:

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