Buzz Worthy Roundup: Bjork, M83, Ladytron

We thought we’d share some buzz worthy songs that may have missed your radar.

Bjork: Crystalline

We confess we are more of a 90’s era Bjork fan, back when her songs used instruments and melodies and she wasn’t making headlines wearing swan dresses. Although she is looking just as weird as ever, some are saying her new single, Crystalline, is a return to her Vespertine era. We haven’t been able to get fully behind it, but admit we are warming up to it as it is a grower.


M83 – Midnight City

In 2008, M83 released the critically acclaimed, Saturdays = Youth,which netted 4 great singles, especially We Own the Sky. Now they are back and are giving us a taste of their new double album with single, Midnight City. The song takes the harsh background synths of Kim and Jessie and brings them right up front and center. It’s a little too much for our tastes and we are also not loving the Duran Duran’s Rio sounding sax bit at the end, but hey, we love them anyway and are excited about what is in store.


Ladytron – White Elephant

No need to re-review a song we have reviewed before here, White Elephant, the new single by our favorite Liverpool quartet, now has a video! In it, they are at some sort of freakish fetish sex party, wearing outfits and masks inspired by animals (this theme is extended throughout the video by dead stuffed animals used as props). Dizzingly weird camera angles follow our singers Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo as they slither through sex-filled hallways and rooms. A gun appears as a major plot point and something happens… or does it happen?. You will have to watch it to find out, since we can’t begin to make any sense of it.


2 Responses to Buzz Worthy Roundup: Bjork, M83, Ladytron

  1. Jer White says:

    “back when her songs had instruments and melodies” – haha, yes from the superb Post is one of my fave albums of all time.

    • boptopop says:

      Post is Brilliant ( I still get chills from Army of Me). My favorite album, though has to be Debut (although I am probably the only one who thinks so). Of course, I also loved the Sugarcubes album, Life’s Too Good!

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