Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Like a chilled wave, so utterly cool and refeshing as it soothes your soul on a hot summer day, Eyes Be Closed is the new single by Washed Out, a/k/a Ernest Greene. For a song that is so relaxed, the contrasting video takes the premise of speed and driving, previously explored by La Roux in In For The Kill, changes the setting to day and swipes out the convertible for a motorcycle. It then adds a sexy model who can’t bother to sing since she is too busy acting sexy and occassionally playing/tossing her hair. We are not advocating driving without a helmet, but obviously it is not of enough concern to distract us from the song which we like to think of as senual synthpop. Although Washed Out has been around a few years, his debut album, Within and Without has just been released. Just watch out for stray confetti.

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