Where Are They Now – Josie Cotton

Then: The year was 1982. Johnny Are You Queer, a hilarious, tongue planted firmly in cheek anthem for disappointed faghags throughout the world and the gays who loved them, would propel Josie Cotton to novelty status and one semi-hit wonder. It also contained, in bop2pop’s humble opinion, the best album sleeve of all time. Things were looking very bright for Josie Cotton as she performed the single in the 80s Cheese-tastic film, Valley Girl. But just as quickly as her rise to cult fame was, so too was her decent into obscurity. A quick look on Wikipedia mentions a cameo in a low budget horror film in the mid 1980s alongside Adam Ant?! but nothing else.

Now: Josie Cotton has reappeared out of seemingly nowhere with a new single, See The New Hong Kong, which finds Josie, again, tongue planted firmly in cheek, this time, hoping to win over an entire city. Check it out.

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