Class Actress – Keep You

Brooklyn’s Class Actress, who opened for Little Boots last year in NYC, is set to release her debut album, Rapprocher, due out in October. Keep You is the sweet opening track, smothered in sublime synths, which we at bop2pop, love.

Class Actress – Keep You

Careful What You Say

Update: A special thanks goes out to David Dean Burkhart who has alerted us to an unofficial video he has made of the song that wonderfully splices scenes from the 1967 movie, Anna. It’s wonderfully talented fans like him, who can help an artist reach a larger audience. Bravo!


3 Responses to Class Actress – Keep You

  1. davidburkhart says:

    i really love this song. here’s a video i put together for the track 🙂

    • boptopop says:

      Thank you so much for alerted to us to the fantastic video you made. We have included an update to our review that includes the video and gives you credit. We really appreciate fans who help the artists they love in such a creative way.

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