The Sound Of Arrows – Magic 2011

We confess we were a little afraid when we found out The Sound Of Arrows were refurbishing a song they had released 3 years ago to be their second single off their “Is it, or isn’t ever going to be released?”, debut album. Often times, when bands “redo” singles it is by speeding up the tempo and adding a few gimmicks in an attempt to make it more “commercially viable”. Usually, this fails (I Melt With You and Blue Monday immediately come to mind). We were also kinda angry, and we were not alone (judging from some comments on their Facebook page), when said video was only viewable in the UK (we are based in America, specifically NYC). We could not see it, feel it, touch it, heal it, let alone hear it.

Then we finally saw the video. OMG! The video for Magic lives up to its name and unveils as the story of two kids who wake up to find they are the only humans left in a world now inhabited by monsters. Think of it as cross between Where The Wild Things Are and our favorite guilty pleasure of the 80s, Night Of the Comet. The Sound Of Arrows have also pulled off the seemingly impossible task of taking a great song and actually improving it. Bravo guys! We are no longer afraid. We apologize for even thinking of doubting you.


The Sound of Arrows – Nova (Archlight Remix)
The Sound Of Arrows – Nova

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