Mirrors – Look At Me 2011

Mirrors are back with a new video for a new version of Look Of Me, the second single to be taken off their excellent Lights And Offerings album. The video begins in white, temporarily confusing the person watching that there may be something wrong with their video codec, but soon computerized atoms appear and collect and form a naked singer and his various body parts, but not naked enough to show the naughty bits. Halfway through a kaleidascope effect (similar to Goldfrapp‘s Strict Machine) is used (we were kinda grossed out by the extra set of teeth) and then everything abruptly ends. This video is in stark contrast to the band’s previous image of suites and ties. Could this simbolize the naked emotions and vulnerabilty of the song and singer? Let’s face it, I rather see them naked than wear an emotionally “raw” meat dress.


One Response to Mirrors – Look At Me 2011

  1. Peter G. says:

    Great song, but is disturbing to see his tooths please go see a dentist before you record a video like that.

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