Florrie – I Took A Little Something

Light and breezy, like a nice spring/summer leisurely weekend stroll, Florrie is back with a third single and video in about as many weeks, with I Give You Something, off her 6 track ep, Experiments. You would think that with an album and single title like these, Florrie was advocating for relaxed drug laws, however, as this video demonstrates, the only thing Florrie is high on, is life itself and walking around the city while her music plays in the background. We were slightly taken back by bed fellows Dolce & Gabbana, however, we realize everyone is doing product placement these days (we lost count of how many products Lady GaGa was pimping in Bad Romance), and we can excuse her for it, since she is releasing these songs and videos without the help of a major label (hopefully, she got to keep the clothes!). Sounding a little like a cross between Freemasons and Kylie, I Took A Little Something is the song off her EP that stands the best chance of crossing over. We wish her well because she deserves fame.


One Response to Florrie – I Took A Little Something

  1. Peter G. says:

    Well made video who doesn’t like Paris!!!!

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