Ladytron – Ambulances

Hypnotic and unlike anything Ladytron has put out before, Ambulances, with its beautifully soft yet menacing melody, sounds like the lullaby a twisted individual would sing to a child to induce nightmares (“If I should ever let you go, I will never let you know”). It is a complete turn from the band whose last album, 2008s Velocifero, was often critiqued, but definitely not by bop2pop who simply loved it, for sounding like a commercial carbon copy to their 2005 album, The Witching Hour. Gone now too are the familar drone vocalizations and amped guitars they have become known for, now replaced by more organic instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Good stuff, but we can’t help feeling a little nostolgic for the original sound we fell in love with.

Ladytron – Ambulances

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