Florrie – Experimenting With Rugs

We, at bop2pop, are not sure whether the title of Florrie’s new single,  Experimenting With Rugs is about embracing an obscure obsession that could easily be exploited on TLCs, My Strange Addiction,  suggests Florrie wants to do more than just “kiss a girl”, or she just digs mixing patterns and styles  in home decor. Regardless the meaning, we like it (although not as much as her debut EP, but definitely more than her last single). Experimenting With Rugs is to be taken off a soon-to-be-released, 6-track EP, Experiments. We have high aspirations for Florrie. She has avoided being watered down by the major labels, but instead produces and markets her music independently, which is what great music is suppose to be about. Is anyone else digging the pouty promo picture?

One Response to Florrie – Experimenting With Rugs

  1. Peter G. says:

    love it

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