Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is actually the genius of adorkable, Orlando Higginbottom. His new video, Trouble, begins fantastically as the opening sequence of a movie, set in a seemingly sleepy town in the 80s, and quickly introduces us to a ragtag group of odd house guests. T.E.E.D. appears intentionally dispondent in his own video, casually aware of his increasingly absurd surroundings. Things kick up a notch when he starts wearing a bizarre head contraction that look likes a torture device from the Saw film franchise and everything takes a turn towards the psychedelic. You can think of the video as David Lynch interpreted by Tiga.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

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2 Responses to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

  1. Peter G. says:

    Who is the weirdo with beard ? he scary me a lot !!!!

  2. boptopop says:

    I think he represents some sort of suburban shamen, hence the psychedelic referencing… either that or TEED’s “daddy”.

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