Miracle – The Visitor

Miracle, who NME calls an “artier Hurts” is a cross continental affair. Steve Moore (Zombi), is from New York while Daniel O’ Sullivan (Sunn O, Cher) is from London. The result of their collaboration, The Visitor, is the first single to be taken off their debut EP. The atmospheric video finds our mates in a zombie mini-movie where they are forced to fight off a now very dead and muddy possible former love (or in bop2pop’s preferred version, she came between their love for each other, and they murdered her for it), from a blinding beam of light. How this eventually kills our zombie is not made explicitly clear, but for our money, we bet it is related to strategically placed hand gestures and choo choo aahs. Undeniably, Miracle have performed a miracle.

2 Responses to Miracle – The Visitor

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