The Sound of Arrows – Nova (Archlight Remix)

A new remix has appeared of the recent The Sound of Arrows single, Nova. Gone are the upbeat shades of optimism. These shades have been drawn to reveal a dark sinister vibe. To create this effect, remixers Archlight felt it necessary to remove much of the beloved lyrics including big chunks of the chorus. Not sure I am completely onboard with this decision, but it succeeds in creating a stripped down, minimal sound. The overall result makes it appear as if The Sound of Arrows found their Nova, however, it was not the utopian-like vivid palette of color they had envisioned. This version of Nova is yet another cave of complete and utter darkness. Why this song was not a massive hit completely escapes me. As bop2pop‘s very first post, Nova will forever remain our Video Killed the Radio Star.


4 Responses to The Sound of Arrows – Nova (Archlight Remix)

  1. boptopop says:

    You guys did a great job! Thank you 🙂

  2. Peter G. says:

    I love that video!!!

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