Starlings – Sirens

May 23, 2011

Great synths abound in this track by Sheffield’s indie disco electro darlings, Starlings. Their debut album is scheduled to be released later this year. If you are not big on the guitar bit, check out the great Sanfernando Remix which I actually prefer over the original.

Sanfernando Remix

Update: Starlings use bop2pop quote on their website.

The Girl and the Robot – Borderline

May 22, 2011

Definitely not a remake of the cheesey Madonna single of the 80’s, The Girl and the Robot (not to be confused by the excellent Royskopp and Robyn collaboration) are back and make the bold move of singing in Swedish with a harder, and dare I say “rockier” sound. Borderline is part of a double cd single, “Silence/Borderline“. It is the first release since their debut, The Beauty of Decay, came out last year.

Daybehavior – Silent Dawn

May 21, 2011

We at bop2pop are especially excited that Swedish Daybehavior are releasing a new single to be included on their long overdue, third album, Follow That Car. For the unconverted, Daybehavior incorporates cinematic dreamscape vocals and haunting melodies that would fit comfortably in a french 1960s spy film soundtrack. In other words, they sound something like what Mono (Life In Mono) would sound like if they never broke up. Although the band has been around for close to 15 years, they have only released 2 proper albums. Last year, they came out of retirement and released 2 excellent tracks, City Of Lights and It’s A Game. Silent Dawn marks the third song to be taken from their forthcoming album.

City Of Lights

It’s A Game

Update: Daybehavior use bop2pop quote for their biography page on their website. Thanks guys! We love you!

The Toxic Avenger feat. Annie – Alien Summer

May 20, 2011

Yeah! Annie is providing vocals to yet another track this year. You may recall me raving about her collaboration earlier this year with Designer Drugs (if not, click here). This song, by The Toxic Avenger suits her better and is more attuned to the suger sweet Annie “sound” bop2pop has fallen in love with. Rumor of a new album keeps permeating, however, we have yet to hear anything with her exclusive name on it. Let’s hope she releases something soon.

Where Are They Now: Blondie

May 19, 2011

Then: Blondie became one of the most influential and successful bands of the late 70’s to early 80’s. They evolved out of the New York punk scene and are considered one of the forefathers of the New Wave movement. What made the band unique was their ability to incorporate a wide variety of musical genres like disco, reggae and rap to their new wave sound. Their string of hit albums and singles came to a halt in 1982 with the release of the album, The Hunter. Critically panned and a commercial failure, things began to fall apart. Tensions between band members rose, and this coupled by drug abuse and the life-threatening illness of founding band member and Debbie Harry’s lover, Chris Stein, led the band to break up. Debbie Harry would spend the next several years by his side as he recovered. She would also launch a moderately successful solo career in the 90’s, and it was during this time that her decades long relationship with Chris Stein, who had recovered, ended.

Now: Blondie resurfaced briefly in 1999 with the album No Exit and single Maria, which was a moderate hit. Now they are back and ready to give it another shot. Mother is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, Panic Of Girls.

Which is better: Vogue Is the New Black

May 19, 2011

Exhibit A: Beth Ditto: I Wrote The Book
Beth Ditto is the openly lesbian singer of the indie band, The Gossip, who scored big in the UK with Standing In The Way of Control in 2006. The album went Gold and produced 3 hit singles. This year, Beth Ditto released a solo ep and traded her indie roots for 90s style dance beats while maintaining her unique sound. Lead single, I Wrote The Book, has become an indie hit as well as its video which copies Madonna’s Justify My Love, but does so by having fun with itself, thus removing all the pretentiousness of the original, making it cleverly subversive.

Exhibit B: The Miracles Club: Light Of Love
I am living for this remix by Cut Copy?! I know I seem to be comparing everything to Saint Etienne lately, but I really mean it this time; with its reverb vocals, 90s dance beats and even the lead singer strikes an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Cracknell. But this is clearly not Saint Etienne and they bring their own unique sound. And besides, there is nothing wrong with being compared to them, since Saint Etienne are pop geniuses who really deserve to be recognized as the innovators of pop that they are. In the video, The Miracles Club along with some friends Strike poses and fiercely work it, and at the same time have fun and somehow sucessfully combine ballroom vogue dancing with miming?!


Verdict: This is a tough call since both are great songs with even better videos, but for this bout, who ultimately takes the crown (or more appropriately, the tiara)? Which is better, emulating an artist while being true to yourself or copying a video, but bringing your own unique style to it? It may be unfair since Beth Ditto has the name recognition and bigger budget, but still, in this case, uniqueness wins and I think she is more the original, and therefore takes it, even though it is by no means a knockout punch. Bravo to both contenders.

Marsheaux – Can You Stop Me

May 18, 2011

Marsheaux are back (and I’m loving the Hipstamatic promo shot)! and who knew their voice would be such a perfect fit for the dance floor because Can You Stop Me has a throbbing tribal back beat that perfectly compliments their whispery vocal stylings. I am impressed by this new direction and am eagerly awaiting more. Can You Stop Me will be released as a limited edition single, followed by a cd release in June which will FINALLY feature the remixes of So Far which I wrote about here. And for the best news of all, I hear the new album is now scheduled for November.

Update: Marsheaux tweets about this post.