Where Are They Now: Blondie

Then: Blondie became one of the most influential and successful bands of the late 70’s to early 80’s. They evolved out of the New York punk scene and are considered one of the forefathers of the New Wave movement. What made the band unique was their ability to incorporate a wide variety of musical genres like disco, reggae and rap to their new wave sound. Their string of hit albums and singles came to a halt in 1982 with the release of the album, The Hunter. Critically panned and a commercial failure, things began to fall apart. Tensions between band members rose, and this coupled by drug abuse and the life-threatening illness of founding band member and Debbie Harry’s lover, Chris Stein, led the band to break up. Debbie Harry would spend the next several years by his side as he recovered. She would also launch a moderately successful solo career in the 90’s, and it was during this time that her decades long relationship with Chris Stein, who had recovered, ended.

Now: Blondie resurfaced briefly in 1999 with the album No Exit and single Maria, which was a moderate hit. Now they are back and ready to give it another shot. Mother is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album, Panic Of Girls.

3 Responses to Where Are They Now: Blondie

  1. Peter G. says:

    She looks like Dolly Parton!!!!!
    I don’t know this band that well but the zombies in the video it remain me Thriller from Michael Jackson, so I was wondering who was first ? Blondie or Michael ?

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