Ladyhawke Comes Out (of Hibernation)

Pip Brown, a/k/a, Ladyhawke wets, but ultimately can’t quench our thirst by providing vocal treatment to this new track by Junica. Ladyhawke first burst onto the scene and became a bop2pop favorite with her self-titled debut album in 2008 that contained a pop confection of 80’s tinged hits such as My Delirium, Magic, Paris Is Burning and Back of the Van. We have been waiting impatiently ever since for a followup album that has been promised, but has not, as-of-yet, been delivered. Sadly, however, bop2pop thinks this may ultimately not be a good thing since Pip has stated in recent interviews that the new album with bring a change in sound and feature (gasp) guitars more prominently. Let’s hope she doesn’t suffer the sophomore slump. Only time will tell.

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