The Queen of Hearts is a Tronnie

I have raved and re-raved before and am raving again (but not in a crazy kind of way) about Queen of Hearts, who still hasn’t released a proper single/album, and yet has already won my heart. She has just released a new track on the interwebs where she reimagines an instrumental track from the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk and turns it into pure pop bliss. Sorry for the crap job on the photoshopping, but my keypad kinda sucks and i found it kinda funny. It couldn’t be worse than the crappy movie remake. My advanced apologies to Queen of Hearts (I’ll swap out with promo pic if you are not amused) or anyone else offended by the play on the word, “Tronnie”.

update: Queen of Hearts loved the tron hybrid picture! Is this woman just the most amazing person?!

One Response to The Queen of Hearts is a Tronnie

  1. […] we at bop2pop, first wrote about Queen of Hearts here (and again here and here), but we didn’t think our first taste of a full-length video would come instead from her […]

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