Depeche Mode – Puppets (Røyksopp reMix)

Remix reinterpretations of an artist’s catalogue can be a mixed bag. Usually, the mixes are thrown together, the motive being the record label looking to cash in on former glory as was infamously the case of Talk Talk, who sued when their songs were recycled without their consent. Sometimes, however, the result is special, as in Casino Classics, which breathed new life in the pop brilliance of Saint Etienne. It’s now Depeche Mode‘s turn who are about to release reMixes 2: 81-11. The roster of contributing remixers is impressive: M83, Eric Prydz, Jacques Lu Cont, Digitalism and UNKLE. Here is the remix by one of my favorite artists, Røyksopp, and their take on their 1981 track, Puppets, from Speak & Spell.

Depeche Mode – Puppets (Røyksopp reMix)

Depeche Mode: Puppets (Original)

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