Record Store Day – April 16, 2011

When I was growing up the record store was my church. I would save up all my money from my afterschool job and become lost in awe within isle after isle of music that would redfine my life. When in college, I would make montly pilgrimages to NYC, visit places like Vylmania, Rebel Rebel and Hearbeat Records, and spend the better part of the day listening to the store DJ and snatching anything and everything that caught my ear. I have been living in NYC for 15 years now, and those days are sadly gone now that the Internet, Napster and then other peer-to-peer networks, mp3’s and even blogs like this became part of the cultural mainstay. The stores slowly began to all close until now where only a handful remain. This Saturday is Record Store Day and for those of you too young to remember what a record is, I strongly recommend you check out these relics of a happier time so you can experience the magic yourself.

Record Store Day

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