Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now

Another teaser video and some remixes have surfaced from Queen Of Hearts, an artist I raved about a week ago. Where Are You Now is a more downtempo track with a video featuring a tarantula and dancing muses in blue eye paint. Not sure what the symbolism is here, but the muses remind me of the ones in Zanadu and I kept hoping Olivia Newton John would suddenly appear in rollerskates. In addition, two fantastic free remixes have emerged. For Where Are You Now, a Kyliesque mix from none other than Fear of Tigers who you may remember had actually improved the already amazing single Into The Clouds by another favorite band, THe Sound Of Arrows. I’ve also included what I feel is the best mix of Freestyle by Diamond Cut. Enjoy.
Queen Of Hearts: Where Are You Know (Fear of Tigers Remix)

Sound Of Arrows : Into The Clouds (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Queen Of Hearts: FreeStyle (Diamond Cut Radio Edit)

2 Responses to Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now

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