Hurts – Sunday

Whenever I am down and blue, I can always rely on Hurts, whose videos and songs thrive on melodrama, to make me reflect and come to the undeniable realization that things can be far worse. For my best friend this means watching Ice Castles on continual loop, but for me, I turn to Hurts. Sunday, with “single” written all over it, is their latest offering whose video lays the melodrama on thick… real thick. It begins with the death of a loved one, then dives deep into the subconscious, which fabulously evokes vivid mod images of the 60s, reminiscent of Sweet Charity if it was set at a S/M club with a little Logan’s Run thrown in for good measure. Ultimately, however, we must again surface to reality, which is displayed in a bleak black and white world. Classic.

And here is the remix

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