Mirrors – Into The Heart

For the unconverted synthpop lover, Mirrors may simply sound like a Hurts ripoff. Both use synthesizers and both have removed the seemingly neccessary definite article “The”. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Dig back quite a bit further musically and Mirrors are undeniably the progression in sound of OMD while Hurts captures the essence of Spandau Ballet (but in a good way). Single out now and features an amazing remix by Richard X.

Listen to and download the remix by the always incredible Marsheaux

2 Responses to Mirrors – Into The Heart

  1. AKG says:

    I love Mirrors! Hurts has a few good songs, but they’re over produced in my opinion and the music often doesn’t seem to match up to their hype. Mirrors are the complete package!

  2. […] Offer Free Ep Download Bop2pop favorite, Mirrors (who I raved about here), are offering a free download of 5 tracks including the excellent Richard X remix of Into The […]

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